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Architecture & Design

Check out Majestix's latest architectural designs:

Majestix has engaged the best draftsman, architects and designers with innovative and sustainability training to help you achieve what you imagine.

Whether you require town planning drawings or a beautifully designed home to fit on an existing block, we have the appropriate methods and personnel to complete the task.

With you in control and Majestix to guide, together we will build your dreams – with our knowledge and experience we can handle all aspects of architecture and design for you, ensuring your involvement in achieving the latest in design for you.

At Majestix we have the knowledge and ability to engage with municipal councils and to apply correctly by the governing laws for your proposed development.

With our head draftsman having over 25 years’ experience in town planning we have a 100% track record in applying for town planning permits. Our head draftsman will work closely with you to ensure your thoughts and ideas are incorporated into the design and will also ensure the development has all the right elements to comply with the council codes & location of the site.

Our Architects are trained and masters of CAD drawings, with this technology and years of experience your dream home plans will turn into a work of art, compiling all the client requirements with detailed finishes to ensure a productive construction.

So when you want to design a property that stands out above the rest, whether it is unique or traditional, we have the correct infrastructure to please all your needs.