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Building & Construction

Since its inception, Majestix Living & Developments has specialised in building and construction.  With over 10 years experience and a Domestic Builders Unlimited license we set about creating our niche in the building industry.  From innovative and modern design to heritage, sustainability always remains a focus.  We are extremely competitive and our experience, knowledge & commitment through all aspects of your project cannot be matched.

We offer only the highest of quality in all appliances, fixtures and fittings with all our suppliers dedicating their time to your needs. We offer extended warranties to ensure longevity of all finishes and only employ licensed contractors to complete all works on your project.

Multi-unit developing

Whether you are building on a sloping or level block, Majestix have constructed numerous multi-unit dwellings for developers and first time investors. Majestix offer a niche service from start to finish. We handle all the documentation and arrange for all the preliminary requirements as part of your multi-unit development.

  • Finance
  • Town Planning / Drafting
  • Demolition of existing property
  • Completion of power, gas, water & telecommunication services
  • Council certificates & inspections
  • Subdivisions

At Majestix we also offer the flexibility to specialise your contract allowing you to better control the elements of the project that are important to you.

Your Dream Home

Majestix takes pride in the service we offer in building your dream home.  We work closely with our clients to create a specialised building experience.  Your home is your lifestyle and you, and your family, deserve to have all your visions realised.  At Majestix we offer a personalised experience allowing you to control all the elements which create your home.  Majestix will work closely with you to ensure your budget is met and your personal touches are incorporated.  We have all the infrastructure to offer you, from drawing changes, to internal designing.  Our suppliers and licensed contractors will follow the same guidelines as Majestix, allowing you to have your vision incorporated into your home.

Building with Majestix is a hassle free streamlined experience, guiding you through every stage of creating your dream home and building your family’s lifestyle.

We stand by our service and competitive pricing; contact us for a free consultation regarding your project.