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Planning and Permits

At Majestix we have all the relevant information necessary to apply for and receive appropriate permits for your project.

Town Planning

All multi-unit developments & dual occupancy proposals across Victoria require a town planning permit to be approved before you can proceed any building.  A town planning permit is granted when you comply with all the governing authorities’ & regulations in relation to your proposal.

Your proposal will consist of the following documentation:

  • Neighbourhood Description & plans
  • Arborist reports for any trees
  • Feature survey drawings
  • Shadow diagrams
  • Site, Ground Floor & First floor plans
  • Elevations & streetscape plans

If applied & submitted correctly to the current RES CODE regulations, the council will request you to advertise the proposed project to the general public, this giving the public the opportunity to object to any proposed works.

The council will take all objections seriously and will act upon any that they feel are valid. You will then be required to amend the documents to correspond with council's nominations. If no objections are passed by council you will be awarded the planning permit based on the current documents in the application for the town planning permit.  A town planning permit can take up to 7 Months to be awarded, but Majestix have had permits granted in as little as 4 months due to clever design and careful presentation.


The Building Act 1993 & Building Regulations 2006 legislate that all building works is subject to the issuing of a building permit, unless an exemption exists under the regulations; this includes some minor alterations, demolitions and repair or maintenance work.

Building permits are supplied by a building surveyor who is responsible for inspecting the major stages of your building works, regulating all the relevant codes & standards relating to your building works, they are responsible for issuing building permits, final occupancy certificates & final inspection certificates.

If you require any assistance with permits do not hesitate to contact Majestix as we have all the appropriate policies in place to serve your every need.

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