Multi-unit Developments

Multi-unit developments are fast becoming popular in Melbourne.  With councils approving more & more multi-unit developments, we are finding the application process for town planning permits is becoming much easier.  Our architects have held long term relationships with most councils resulting in a 100% success rate being awarded town planning permits.

Majestix has a number of resources and methods to ensure you are designing and building the appropriate dwellings to suit the area and parameters of your land.  With this technique we find our developers are securing well above the required margin in return for their investment.

With leading financial brokers and knowledgeable architects we can assist in the purchase, design and building of a multi-unit development for you in record time, creating a stress free experience. Contact Majestix now to chat about the possibilities.

Multi-dwelling family home development Box Hill North

Box Hill North

Making lifelong friendships with this Majestix build. Our client for this build was heavily involved in all the finishing designs & changes for these beautiful units. There were no restrictions for our client as Majestix met every wish to help create his perfect investment property. Additionally we handed the property over in 10 MONTHS! We have one very happy customer.

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Multi-dwelling family home development Mt Waverley

Mt Waverley

WOW, this build had everything. This project was managed closely with our clients wanting their dream home to be perfect in every way. As always, we worked closely and made all the appropriate changes throughout the build and gave professional advice to make this home exactly what our owner dreamed off.

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Multi-dwelling family home development in Box Hill

Box Hill

Designed and constructed by Majestix. Yes, we got these modern, stylish Majestix Homes through council and constructed for our very happy clients. No matter how daunting the planning and building process seems, Majestix makes it easy with our great track record of designing and building.

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Multi-dwelling family home development Burwood East

Burwood East

Stylish rentals for our client, This project was built in under 11 months with the standard classy Majestix look and design. No challenges, just a smooth build process with a great relationship created, Happy client, happy Majestix.

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Multi-dwelling family home development Blackburn


Another Sloping Block and basement build by Majestix, this site had its challenges with timelines and construction, however we managed to finish the 3 Unit development with the clients specifications and selections on time and with nothing other than the Majestix touch.

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Multi-dwelling family home development Heathmont


This client could not believe the inclusions Majestix used as standard when it came to their 6 Unit development. A combination of 3 single story and 3 double story townhouses all situation on one block of land. Not one unit was the same with all 6 being designed to suit the block, all 6 units had their own character which encouraged Majestix to complete this project with class. A classic & stylish finish.

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Multi-dwelling family home development Mont Albert North

Mont Albert North

Another stylish design prepared and submitted to council by Majestix experienced architects, This project took 22 Months from sketch drawings to completed build with Majestix handling everything for our regular client. With both property’s sold prior to completion there was pressure but as always Majestix exceled and delivered the dwellings with class and the unique Majestix feel.

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Multidwelling family homes Box Hill North

Box Hill North Displays

2016 Finalist - Master Builders' multi-unit development of the year

This project was designed by David McCall – Majestix owner and director.  They display both sustainable and modern qualities in living.  With designer finishes and 8.5 star energy efficiency rating this property is award winning.  With an open floor plan designed for entertaining, all of the unique features are elegant and eye catching.   Futuristic technologies also allow the owners to operate multiple functions with a tap of their phone.  This property sets the benchmark for a quality lifestyle for years to come.  Call or email to make an appointment to walk through these display homes or visit our virtual tours.

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Multidwelling family homes Heidelberg


This was an extremely long and rewarding three house multi-unit development. The block was more than 100 meters long, with a enormous slope which presented a lot of challenges. The front two houses are traditional Heidelberg clinker brick homes. The client had a lot of faith in us, that we could manage such a difficult design on a sloping block. The end result surpassed even their expectations.

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Multi-dwelling family home development Glen Waverley

Glen Waverley

Another Majestix multi-unit won at tender, This job was non-challenging with construction, but challenging with client specifications. The owner was very particular with finishes and required a very close relationship with Majestix to ensure her satisfaction on all aspects of the build. The owner engaged well with our design team who helped her through all the selection processes. The owner was extremely happy with the final results, and has told Majestix she will build with no one else.

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Multidwelling family homes Glen Waverley kitchen

Glen Waverley

With this project our clients had already sourced their plans and permits.   With the intention to rent both units, Majestix rose to the challenge to complete construction within 11 months to ensure they could be rented out as soon as possible for our clients.  With quality, taste and design in mind we guided our clients through the selection process providing them with expert knowledge allowing them to achieve a quality finish within budget, resulting in a very happy client.

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Multidwelling family homes Vermont


Majestix have excelled with this development.

We had been engaged to supply all plans and permits regarding the development, and we completed the planning and building with landscaping in under 17 Months.

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Example folio imageMultidwelling family homes Vermont


This project was designed and constructed by Majestix within an extremely tight budget.  The client wanted quality finishes and a modern look to suit their lifestyle.  Majestix worked closely in the design stage to ensure the budget was on track and that no hidden surprises could arise. The property was designed and approved by council within 9 months and the project was then completed in record time complete with a prime finishes. The client moved into the rear unit and was extremely happy with every element of this project

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Multidwelling family homes Mont Albert

Mont Albert

This stylish and unique development was designed and built by Majestix for one of our regular developers.  We were set the task of completing this project within a 10 month schedule and we didn’t let him down, delivering first class quality and finishes within the allocated time frame.  This client likes to get involved and utilise his own skills in areas of the build - allowing the client to supply certain fixtures and trades resulted in another very happy customer.

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